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    I have to throw my 2 cents in, because speculation is so much fun. There seems to be a bit of a gradual decline, not just here, but in political blogs generally. I wonder if any of that can be attributed to exhaustion with the process. It seems that we have been fighting so hard and seeing so few gains that discouragement with the process is almost inevitable.

    You can see the excitement in 2008, and how it immediately dropped after the election, which is to be expected, and then again in 2012, to a much lesser extent. It is hard to maintain that enthusiasm when even wining isn't really winning. We still have to fight every day to try to preserve the gains made 40-50 years ago.

    Today it is net neutrality. Again. Tomorrow it will be another battle that we thought we won the first time. The right for a woman to control her body, for a minority group to vote, for our children to have clean air and water. It just never ends.

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