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View Diary: Scott Walker's "Less Dependence on Gov" Ad Features Recipient of Over ONE MILLION in Gov Subsidies! (96 comments)

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  •  Someone please help me on this. (0+ / 0-)

    I watched the 1 minute ad, and the only semblance of a 'farmer' was a guy driving a truck and then at the VERY end I spied Walker and some guy out in a field with no dialogue whatsoever in the last half millisecond of the 'ad'.  Clicking the associated 'highlighted' links proved unsuccessful in explaining any correlation attributable to the accusation, other than the VERY last one which showed a graph of subsidies for the "farm" mentioned.  
    Now, I'm no fan of the Walker Governorship (heck, I'm from Oregon to boot!) it seems disconcerting to me since I REALLY want all this to be true, that it seems embellished at the very least.  If "I" (bold/underline) feel suspicious of the allegations and seem to be able to call them (the allegations, not the ad) into question....wouldn't it be easy for some RWNJ to do the same thereby severely damaging the credibility of the accuser?  I'm just asking.  I'm a lefty liberal from WAAY back.
    Any help in clarifying this would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if 'replying' to this will get back to if I don't get a notification of response, I will have to wade thru the comments to see if I DID get a response.  This comment/response thing on DK sucks..

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