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View Diary: Scott Walker's "Less Dependence on Gov" Ad Features Recipient of Over ONE MILLION in Gov Subsidies! (96 comments)

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    but this could be an attempt by the Repugnants to set up a conflict between those making "$50,000 a year with those making $15,000 a year.  Like any other conflict, it will attempt to draw the public's attention away from what is really going on.

    And, if the Repugnants can keep the public both ignorant AND afraid, they will be much easier to control.  In the end, that is what everything is about for the Repugnants and their over-lords - control.

    Control the message, control the language, control the options, you name it.  The thing that scares these people the most is to lose control.

    There was a quote on the DKos that read:  "there are two enemies to freedom - those who want to control everyone (and everything) around them, and those who do not believe they need to control themself.  I suspect Mr. Walker fits in both categories, which is no coincidence.  

    Beneath their arrogance is fear, which is what drives their need to control everyone and everything around them.  Compulsive lying is one of their methods.  And all sociopaths are VERY charming, which is what makes them appear to be honest.

    Normal people, who are generally pretty straight-forward and honest, usually assume that the people they meet are also being straight-forward and honest.  The compulsive liar is dependent on normal people making that assumption.

    Chris Christie has all the traits of a sociopath.  It wouldn't surprise me if Walker did too.  If I can, I will add those traits later on in this thread.

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