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View Diary: Justice Stevens: Citizens United "giant step in the wrong direction”, calls for overturning (84 comments)

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  •  I think that getting control of our currency (15+ / 0-)

    would be easier. The dollar is a public utility. The issuer has every right to determine how it is used. Unfortunately, the issuer is still Congress, despite the pretense that they've delegated all powers to the Federal Reserve.
    Ron Paul was wrong in arguing that the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. Congress made it and Congress can unmake it. But, just as the health insurance industry can be regulated to provide bookkeeping and monitoring services, the Federal Reserve can be tasked with that function. The Fed should not, if conservative philosophy has any validity, be tasked with "managing" the economy by jiggling interest rates on what should be a freely available utility.
    Imagine the power company deciding whether or not to deliver electricity on the moral value of a particular enterprise. Imagine hospitals deciding whether to provide medical services on the basis of the religious commitments of the patient. (That happens. I'm trying to put the Fed's approach to currency at the behest of Congress into context).

    The problem we have is that our elected representatives see themselves as minor potentates whom we have empowered to inflict injury. That's got to change.  And, it is relatively easy to change by electing different representatives. It's why the House has to stand for election every two years.
    Industry puts new hires on probation for one year. Finding a replacement also takes time. So, a two year election cycle is reasonable.
    Let's not have a repeat of 2010.

    by hannah on Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 09:39:36 AM PDT

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