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View Diary: Kitchen Table Kibitzing - 4.21.14 What's blooming in your garden right now? (104 comments)

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  •  SF Bay Coastal Garden current blooms (15+ / 0-)

    Went to the community garden today - the day after Easter - and found three flowers, one herb, one native, and two vegetables in various stages of blooming, from just a tad to full on.
    The most in bloom is the ever reliable asclepias tuberosa,  aka butterfly weed, with its bright yellow-gold flowers; it's over 4 feet tall with blooms from down low to the top. Next most prolific is the armeria maritimus, also known as sea pink - all  six of these short groundcover plants now have dark pink blooms erect above its greenery.
    There's a geum flower plant that's in bloom now, in a quiet corner. Just below it are the first peas in bloom, the Sugar Sprint, with its white blossoms on about a dozen pea plants; a few small peas have even appeared today.
    The barely blooming plants right now are the yellow yarrow and the periwinkle-colored delphinium, both of which were  recently transplanted.
    Lastly - and unusual for San Francisco at this time in April - are a few flowers on two Cuore di Bue tomato plants. With cooler and wetter weather forecast for the next week, it's possible that the flowers will fall off without making actual tomatoes. I tried to warm and protect the tomatoes with a pinkish-red plastic wall-o-water upon transplanting, and the coming weeks will tell if this protected the plant enough from San Francisco's almost always cool evenings and nights.

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