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View Diary: Updated: Florida Students Protest Koch Influence Over College Professors (104 comments)

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    Yes, that is doubtful, but only because the school will CAVE for the money EVERY TIME.

    Under that policy in Florida, absolutely NO dissenting opinion in the schools of economics will be allowed, heard, or tolerated by the Kock Boys.  

    What I fear is that pretty soon they'll notice that it worked, at least once the furor dies down some, and they'll likely fully fund the entire program, or maybe the entire SCHOOL - WITH those same provisos.  (And probably a wing of the building on campus most shaped like a temple named for them, dedicated to their worship and adoration... Shy and retiring they're NOT.  They'll declare their godhood eventually, I guess.)

    Education is actually fairly inexpensive, compared to the obscene amounts of wonga the Kocks have been dumping into politics.  Once they notice that this is cheaper and probably more effective over the long term, they'll switch their donations around and just buy schools.  And professors.  And textbook writers.  And publishers.  (Too late, looks like they already may have done those.)

    I am retired from a state university.  I've seen it first-hand, from the FIRING lines (as in pink slips).

    Funding for education at ALL levels, here in Illinois anyway, has been slashed, hacked, cut, chopped, and just plain pulled until it is at the lowest levels I can remember.

    Also renege'd , too, as the state has just 'forgotten' to pay money to the school as legislated, some years.  ("Some" as in the last several and probably THIS YEAR as well.  My wife is also an elementary teacher and her school district was one of many who were just not given some of the funds that the legislature voted to give the schools.  "Oops."  "Budget Shortfall," anyone?)

    One thing can be GUARANTEED:

    If there is money involved., well, the SCOTUS Right-Wing-Five have said it, "MONEY TALKS."

    And the MFWIC's at the schools, particularly the "trustee" and "board" levels, not only listen, they bow and grovel and prostrate themselves before its mighty presence.

    It truly is ALMIGHTY these days, the dollar.

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