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View Diary: MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart rips into Cliven Bundy and his demented defenders (103 comments)

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    The BLM doesn't care about the land at all, or they would kick off the overgrazing, interloping domestic cattle and sheep, and leave it to its original inhabitants, horses and bison, etc.  The creatures who evolved to succeed in that environment are much less destructive of it.

    No, the BLM is just there to smooth the way for commercial interests, such as ranchers and mining/energy companies.  (They would love to shoot the pesky wild horses that get in cattle's way, but it would be too hard to overcome the bad public reaction to that.  So instead they hire people to chase them with helicopters.  That would be ridiculous -- think of the cost, the pollution, etc. -- if it were not so sad.)

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