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  •  Okay, maybe we're bogged down... (4+ / 0-)
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    Kevskos, Lonely Texan, marina, JG in MD semantics.  They have this grandiose idea that, "I built this," not even bothering to acknowledge that they couldn't have possibly done all the work themselves.  The fact is, they needed the rest of us, AKA "society" to get to where they're at, to do the hard work and menial tasks, to provide a legalistic framework of what is allowed and what is taboo (while placing themselves outside of that framework) that every group of people living in close proximity (AKA "society") require in order to marginally survive.  Were anarchy and "survival of the fittest" to become the rule, my guess is they wouldn't live through the first day.  They owe their very lives to the social framework that restrains the rest of us from such brutish actions...

    •  barbarians among civilized folk (2+ / 0-)
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      peregrine kate, marina

      I understand what you're saying and I fear it doesn't actually apply.  To be powerful is more than the ability to be a wolf; it's also the ability to compel all those around you to be sheep.

      I'd argue that regular folk are much more socially conscious than the rich and that anarchy won't start at the bottom, it'll start at the top and stay there as the rich systematically exempt themselves even as they impose greater and greater control on the rest of us.  European aristocrats were legally above the "common law" (hence its name), exempt from any taxes, exempt from any kind of service other than "honorable" warfare and/or waiting on higher-ranked aristocrats, and followed a code of behavior that was positively monstrous by today's standards.

      At the same time they had effectively absolute power over the commoners who lived in their territories and worked on their estates because in those days all power came from the ownership of property (as Marx believed it did and libertarians think it doesn't but ought to).  There was no such thing as the right to a job, to a house, to food, to life itself, and so people watched in silence as the lord and his men and dogs chased deer on horseback across their fields, trampling their precious crops, knowing full well they could be beaten or worse for so much as a word of rebuke.

      Domestic politics is the continuation of civil war by other means.

      by Visceral on Tue Apr 22, 2014 at 01:19:48 PM PDT

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