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    No business hires employees just because the owner has extra cash lying around. That implied claim is staggeringly stupid.
    That's JUST what conservatives think: That jobs are a GIFT to the employee. That money arrives in the world through the backsides of the Job Creators and is thus theirs to "Give Away" as they see fit.

    The GOP survives because people who run small businesses still think that the hedge fund managers and corporate plutocrats somehow are their compatriots. That the goals of running a business with 25 employees, or five, or three are EXACTLY the same as running a business you did not start and know nothing about simply because you BOUGHT a chunk of stock in it and expect to see 25% profit every quarter regardless of any other factor.

    When you run a small business and profits are down, you work harder and take a pay cut YOURSELF and MAYBE have to cut employee hours, but that's hard because that means you just have to fill those hours YOURSELF.

    When you run a corporation and profits are down, you start to cut OTHER PEOPLE's hours and jobs, and demand that OTHER PEOPLE work harder and longer hours. Usually while draining the coffers for yourself so you get the biggest payout by the time the company inevitably goes belly up.

    When small business owners finally cotton to the fact that they and the corporate profiteers are not and never will be fellow travelers, the GOP will collapse and die. Until then, people will continue to fall for the long con and support people who mean them nothing but harm.

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