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View Diary: Religious right says poll limited to Republicans shows 'American people' oppose marriage equality (38 comments)

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  •  Only Republicans are truly American. (4+ / 0-)
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    StevenWells, Mother Mags, Mokurai, anon004

    Anyone who doesn't believe as they do are "un-American" ... remember?  That's what they're constantly telling us.

    •  Yeah, and I remember... (3+ / 0-)
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      Mokurai, anon004, Glenn45

      ... the first time I heard it explicitly stated by a Republican official: RNC Chairman Rich Bond at their '92 convention -

      "We are America. These other people are not America."

      And I love the way the question throws in a hot-button buzz-phrase - "...the redefinition of marriage..." - for good measure.

      When the question's asked in a neutral way by legitimate surveys, the numbers, even among Republicans, are less decisive.

      Kinda like all those people who said "the ACA" would be better law than "Obamacare."

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