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View Diary: Obama Faces "Cold War" On Two Fronts (48 comments)

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    I don't quite follow what you are saying. Are suggesting that the term faces implies that the situation was imposed on him without his participation? That is certainly not what I meant. He finds himself in a situation and was a participant in the processes that created it.

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      Given the current Administration's attempts to steer us into confrontations (Libya, Syria), and given some astonishingly provocative actions (most recently the announcement we will be delivering Apache helicopters to a profoundly bloodthirsty and undemocratic Egyptian coup regime), I think that any hint that we've been passively saddled with conflicts needs to be avoided.

      Unless, of course, one means to imply that our leadership is profoundly clueless and incompetent.   But agency and cluelessness/incompetence aren't mutually exclusive, of course.

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