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  •  My point is there was no plan for fair downsizing. (0+ / 0-)

    In Manhattan, Saint Vincent's was the only Level One Trauma Center (NYS Legalese for 'Emergency Room') south of Midtown. Now that its closed, hundreds of thousands of people are now fifteen minutes further from an ER than they were when it was open.  

    The pols knew St Vin and many other hospitals were endangered.  Saint Vincent's with 800 beds - was under-occupied.

    But they managed the downsizing piecemeal.  With real political leadership, some of the closings could have been downsizings or consolidations, the citywide contraction could have been spread more equitably.

    There were, for instance, about 4 or 5 hospitals on the upper East Side, none of which were shut down.  Good for those residents, but not really fair to people whose neighborhoods now have no hospitals.

    The Berger Report could have been used by real leaders to drive some fair plan that spread the downsizing across the city.

    But instead the Berger report was just used as cover.  Bloomberg did nothing; Quinn, who had a lot of power, could have done something not just for St Vincent's (I know she tried to broker deals) but for all the failing hospitals.  And she should have been doing that from the start of her term.  That would've been leadership.

    •  Emergency Room isn't necessarily Level 1 TC (0+ / 0-)

      Most hospitals have emergency departments but aren't Level 1 TCs.

      The level of mismanagement at SV was of the type that led to the nationwide financial collapse in 2008. There was nothing short of a hostile takeover and multi-hundred-million dollar bailout by the city that would have kept it afloat. And just like the financial bailout of 2008, the big beneficiaries would have been the incompetent people at the top of the failed institutions.

      And Christine Quinn didn't even become Speaker until after SV first declared bankruptcy in 2005. She had no real power to do anything before that, and only a little after 2006 when she became Speaker as it is the Mayor who runs this city (and Bloomberg was an unusually dictatorial mayor even by NYC standards).

      •  I know Bloomberg wasn't doing anything (0+ / 0-)

        But they could've pooled a few money losing  hospitals to spread the losses.

        And then when the site went under the bottom of the market...there was only one bid since nobody else had any zoning approval.  City hospitals could have bid on it then, probably gotten it at the same price, scared off the developer.

        But I'll stop rattling on about this now, sorry.

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