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  •  Sun Tzu, Art of War, those with much strategy (3+ / 0-)
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    linkage, PowWowPollock, DaveDC

    prevail over those with little strategy. Those with no strategy go to war first hoping to win, always lose.

    Lincoln in January 1861 had a deep strategy inherited from the geniuses of the Whigs and Republicans. This stuff takes study on the part of the public, why the Lincoln-Douglas debates read like rocket science, and it's clear there are no FDR's or LBJ's around, but their example leads the way. See Bruce Ackerman, We the People, The Civil Rights Revolution.

    The US republic just went over the cliff in McCutcheon as it did one time before in Dred Scott. There are lots of ways to remedy that. Bracket the Ukraine stuff, it's reasonably certain Obama has read Tuchman.

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