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  •  He only "loves" them because they work FOR him. (4+ / 0-)
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    Since he doesn't recognize the federal government, I am certain he does not pay a federal minimum wage.

    He loves them because he is getting away with paying them "slave" wages.  Bet on it.  

    •  Maybe So (4+ / 0-)

      Maybe not.  

      Often, liberals like to pretend that "Black and brown" are indivisible. We can't talk about anti-Black hatred without bringing up Latino people anymore. This is, I believe, a deflection mechanism in many ways.  It reflects that the depth of anti-
      Black sentiment that has been at the foundation of American culture for hundreds of years is unmatched, such that folks can't really wrap their unconscious permanenty around the idea that there isn't ANYTHING wrong with us as a people, or our behavior, to explain why our collective condition here in America remains so dismal 150 years after emancipation.  Thus, they reach for a group whose image is not as 'tainted', imbue them with all the positive characteristics that the majority in America believes we lack (committed to family, hard working, etc.) and then talk about us as if our collective experiences of racism are all the same.  When they are not.  Nor do they require the same solutions.

      One day, I hope that my friends on the liberal side of the aisle will consider the argument I've just made in good faith, rather than be defensive about it.  It takes nothing away from them, but IMO does move the needle forward on getting rid of the unquestionably Black-hating (no matter how many "black friends" they bring up on stage like props at their "press conferences") Cliven Bundys of the world.

      At this point, I just want America to admit that it still doesn't want its Black citizens to live in any state other than terror, subservience and inferiority, under pain of death. I can handle American racism, but I can't handle American denial.

      by shanikka on Thu Apr 24, 2014 at 03:08:46 PM PDT

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