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  •  And you would do what? (3+ / 0-)
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    My problem with the current crop of Marxists, and socialists, and post-capitalists is that all they ever do is whine how bad the current system is, without ever espousing a real plan of their own.. oh yeah.. and by that, I mean a workable plan.

    •  the corporations are already doing everything for (17+ / 0-)


      The most ironic thing about the 21st century mega-corporations is that they have accomplished nearly everything that the radical Socialist Party of the 1910’s wanted to do. The Socialist Party wanted to eliminate the private ownership of capital and replace it with collective ownership; today the corporations are not owned by individual proprietors, but by a collective body of shareholders. The Socialist Party wanted to remove ownership from management and introduce managers who held their position by election, rather than by ownership; today the corporations are run by professional managers who are hired by a board of directors that is elected by the shareholders. The Socialist Party wanted to eliminate economic competition and replace it with economic cooperation; today the corporations have become vast interconnected networks who own parts of each other through cooperative joint projects and multilateral ventures. The Socialist Party wanted to replace what they called the “anarchy of the marketplace” with planned economic production over long-term goals; today corporations try in every way to eliminate the shocks of market uncertainty by long-term planning. The Socialist Party wanted to eliminate national borders and replace them with internationalism; today the corporations have become multinational, have built up a global economic framework, and have made national boundaries economically irrelevant.

      In essence, the corporations have already socialized the entire process of production. The task that will now face them is how to socialize distribution—how to insure that people can still receive the necessities of life in a world where automation and mechanization continue to make more and more jobs unnecessary, where globalization continues to move more and more jobs to low-wage havens, and where economic processes push “normal” unemployment rates higher and higher. Inevitably, there must be a decoupling of job income and consumption, allowing people to obtain what they need whether they have jobs or not.

      Another utopian goal of the Socialist Party was “world government”, and once again, the corporations are today moving along the same path. The corporations have already built international economic structures—the WTO, IMF and the various free trade agreements--and these already have control over national economic policies and legal veto power over national laws.

      Along with the buildup of international economic power must inevitably follow the buildup of international political power. Just as the “nation” has become irrelevant economically and has been replaced by international economic structures, so too has the   “nation-state” become irrelevant politically, and will inevitably be replaced by international political structures—and the corporations have already begun that process. The seeds of that international political structure (the United Nations) are, of course, completely undemocratic and are dominated by the handful of wealthy powerful nations. But the poor nations (and poor people) of the world are now no longer powerless. Globally, progressives must force the UN to democratize, by degrees, and turn it into a real international government. It is, in essence, the very same process we have already done in the process of democratizing various national governments, but this time we must repeat it on an international scale instead. Just as we once fought for national democracy, now we must fight for international democracy. It’s no longer a question of whether we should have a world government or not—we already have one. The only question now is whether it should be democratic, or continue to be dominated by the wealthy and powerful.

      "Workers of the world, unite!" was once just a utopian political slogan. Today, it is our only survival strategy.

      In the end, reality always wins.

      by Lenny Flank on Sun Apr 27, 2014 at 06:40:58 PM PDT

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