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View Diary: What Bundy said about "Negroes" is what GOP has been saying for years. (96 comments)

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  •  Glad you highlighted those sections (5+ / 0-)

    they were later additions that I was inspired to include while proofing.  I've brought this up before, and while Parallel to the main point, I felt I had to flesh out the Wage Slavery issue in full - because We need to Consciously Counter the drumbeat of their "Government is Bad" meme with something more specific than "Uh, no it's not".

    No one in their right mind thinks Government is a Panacea, but we have it in place For Damn Good Reasons, particularly to prevent our RETURN to the literal victimization and wage theft of workers, careless poisoning of consumers and devastation of our living spaces by Blind Private Greed.

    Government, Congress and the Courts Ended Slavery, private industry created in and - left unchecked - WILL eventually reconstruct it brick by brick, just as they slowly did the first time.

    And that sadly, is not hyperbole.

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