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View Diary: This week at progressive state blogs: Part-time legislature in WI? Coal ash fix in NC? (18 comments)

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  •  If I'm getting this 'drillers tax vs. moratorium' (0+ / 0-)

    ..response from Sean Kitchen writing @ the 'raging chicken press', I have to agree with a commenter on this. Sam Bernhart.
    Sam Bernhardt / April 22, 2014 at 10:56 am / Reply   

    Sean- Your assumption that a statewide moratorium would entail legislative action is false. The next Governor (or the current one, for that matter) could instruct the DEP to cease issuing permits. That would be a statewide moratorium. From that perspective, a tax, at 5% 10% or whatever, actually requires more moving parts than a statewide moratorium.

    I also want to point out that a tax is not a solution to the problem of fracking, so I’m not sure why you’d choose to compare the two in the first place. A tax is a ‘solution’ to fiscal issues (‘where do we get money from?’), but actually aggravates most of the problems associated with the issue of fracking (‘what do we do about this inherently unsafe practice?’).

     = emphasis added

    While Sean points out that:
    Getting a moratorium through Harrisburg will take an enormous amount of energy by winning the governor’s race and flipping the House and Senate, which are gerrymandered in the Republican Party’s favoring.  This option will take years to accomplish and probably won’t happen until the maps are redrawn in 2020.
    I've heard this before many times.
    It sounds too much like the approach what Duke Energy powned NC governor McCrory is pulling. but not as bad. At least it is not a proposal to make all people pay a tax that only the frackers should be paying for by themselves.

    Although, maybe it is as bad; and really is a tax that all people will pay, as big energy corporations nearly always push costs onto the consumer when it gets right down to it

    But the fact that fracking will now be 'paying for schools' and/or other needed populist programs, is an old GOP trick to get polluters ingrained into the system. Programs dependent upon furthering the special interests - petrochem corpos/frackers and such

    And to "restore " the cuts (to education, DEP, and everything else) That governor Corbett enacted (slashed) by depending on the revenue generated by what one is fighting against is falling right into the oldest GOP tactics. Attach some poison amendments to legislation for something needed (funding that has been slashed just for this purpose), holding hostage anything that is valued and getting in into law where it is more permanent -  hard to "extract" kind of like a parasite or a virus - imo

    Thx MB

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