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View Diary: Net neutrality proposal bombs with Democrats, content providers, consumers (118 comments)

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  •  We already pay more and get less than most other (7+ / 0-)

    countries in the developed world because of the regional monopolies for high speed internet service that has been given away to a literal handful of private companies.  These proposed rules will make a bad situation worse by giving a competitive advantage to larger companies and it will kill any attempts by smaller outlets and non-profits.  The result will be a reduction in access to knowledge and information that will cause the United States to be at a competitive disadvantage for decades.

    I can't believe that anyone would be in favor of this, except of course the small number of companies that already have control.  Ultimately, they will lose as well because consumers will be priced out of the market, especially those who use the internet for specialized content and information.

    Yet another example of short term profit over long term benefit and sustainability.  When will our business stop focusing so hard on the next quarter and look at the next decade to come?

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