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  •  We've finished counting the winter kills (14+ / 0-)

    Half the Jaune Desprez on the trellis, Fair Bianca, Queen Elizabeth, Perle d'Or, and (this really hurts) Mrs. Oakley Fisher.  

    It's possible that they might yet sprout some growth, but if they haven't come on by next month, we'll take them out.  We had two late hard freezes this month, and I blame them.  Budded roses are vulnerable.

    Last weekend Mr. escapee put in my plum tree.  Plum stick.  Theoretically it's a self-pollinating Santa Rosa.  I love plums.  And then, sadly, we took out the holly tree.  When we planted it, we had a street-lining row of things:

    B  G   G   H  C  H  G  G  B

    (beauty bush, grasses, hollywe rescued from the forsythia hedge, crepe myrtle, holly, and so on)

    But the left-hand holly never survived - we've tried a couple - while the right-hand one sprouted into a very sparse, very tall tree.  It was beginning to interfere with the crepe myrtle.  Within half an hour it went from a tree to a pile of prickly stuff.

    And the grasses are gone, so now we have

    B   D    D     C     D    D  B

    Beauty bush, red-twig dogwoods, crepe myrtle, etc.

    And I intended to take pictures of the daffodiles!  They're gorgeous!  I will take pictures today and have them for next week!

    "Republicans are poor losers and worse winners." - My grandmother, sometime in the early 1960s

    by escapee on Sat Apr 26, 2014 at 06:39:45 AM PDT

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