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View Diary: Wind power: birds, landscapes and availability (I) (128 comments)

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  •  Issues (none)
    Coal: Pollution, global warming.  Ample resources.  
    Oil and gas: Global warming, less pollution, limited resources.  

    Wind: Kills birds, looks ugly.  Intermittent power.  
    Dams: Limited locales, kills fish, alters ecosystems.  
    Wave generators/current mills: Offshore and shoreline only, weather issues.  Affects wildlife?  

    Nuclear: Radioactive waste, weaponization.  Limited resources.  
    Fusion: Solutions not available.  

    Hydrogen: Not an energy SOURCE.  

    Microhydro: Limited applicability.  
    Solar: Daytime only.  Currently costly to produce cells, which are not very efficient and only pay for the energy used to produce them over years.  

    Geothermal: Natural sources are earthquake and volcanic activity prone.  Engineered solutions apparently CAUSE earthquakes!  


    My solutions:
    #1: Economical solar cells and wide-scale deployment in mixed use (AKA roofing) augmenting conventional power generation from mixed sources dominated by carbon-neutral biomass, biofuel, solar generated synthetic fuel, coal generation with gas sequestration, energy storage systems, and existing hydro.  Also, improved efficiency and sustainability in all aspects.  

    #2: Solar satellites.  No seasons, day-night cycles, weather, or shortage of sunlight in space.  

    •  Solar Satellites? (none)
      Isn't fusion likely to be available before we are able to deliver energy safely from a solar satellite?

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      by freelunch on Mon Jul 11, 2005 at 12:34:16 PM PDT

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      •  No (none)
        In fact, there's at least one paper out there that makes sound scientific points that indicate that no human-scale efforts at pure fusion are likely to succeed, at least not for any scheme yet devised.  In a word, bremsstrahlung.  Fission-fusion hybrids may yield fruit though.  

        Nobody's ever tried to deliver energy from a solar sat AFAIK.  But the energy and our ability to harvest it is definitely there.  

    •  Except... (none)
      that the supposed negatives for winds are not true... (I'll write about intermittent power next)

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      by Jerome a Paris on Mon Jul 11, 2005 at 12:52:25 PM PDT

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      •  And I'll add (none)
        I think they look sexy.

        Loney towers of bleach white, jutting like some old bones of some forgotten behemoth, churning slowly with ageless determination.  I think they spice up many offshore locations and farmland.  It's not like central Kansas is THAT interesting on it's own... (not that Kansas is ugly, it's just... so damn flat and featureless).

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