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View Diary: The Daily Bucket: The Sad Demise of a Gorgeous Dragonfly (63 comments)

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  •  Beautiful creature. Those colors are just amazing. (11+ / 0-)

    It is a relief to hear it was likely old age that took it out. Thanks for capturing the colors before they faded. Interesting how quickly they change! Good story, PH, glad you shared it with us.

    I saw dragonflies yesterday during a sunny patch over at a neighbor's place, but they were flitting around so fast I had no chance at photos. Couldn't even tell what they might be. When it's warm, they are incredibly zippy.

    But there were lots of other insects swarming around flowers. The neighbor has far more flowers going than I do, and it really makes a difference in what insects are attracted. Various flies, bumblebees, a Spring Azure butterfly. And yellow-jackets! How can there be so many, so early in the season?! Possibly these are the queens waking up? As I watched this very beautiful butterfly on a patch of yellow flowers, a yellow jacket snuck up on it.

    elfin 1

    elfin 2

    elfin 3

    As soon as the butterfly felt the antennae of the YJ, it flew off instantly. Don't know whether YJs are feeding on meat right now but the butterfly was taking no chances.

    The butterfly was folded all the time it was still, but I got one pic showing the slightest bit off the top of the wings. From that, I can conclude it is a female Western Pine Elfin Hairstreak, reddish on top rather than brown.

    elfin 4

    According to my field guide Butterflies of Cascadia, this species is rare in the islands. So, very cool I saw one and got a pic! Aren't the wing patterns and colors wild?

    Pouring rain in the islands today, off an on. A storm front has moved in. After it moves through, we have record high temps forecast later in the week. We'll see. Temps are always lower in the islands than on the mainland.

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