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  •  Relative to my limited income,... (19+ / 0-)

    ...I have bought a fair amount of stuff online. But I'd like to think it's not all "crap."

    My biggest online purchase, in 2009, was the computer at which I sit typing this. I ordered it online from a company in Washington State whose excellent website allowed me a high degree of customization. Once I selected the individual components for the machine, my order was reviewed by a competent techie to assure that all the parts would work well together.

    So I got exactly the sort of computer I wanted for my individual needs, much better than something off the shelf from a major manufacturer. The whole process for me represented the online shopping experience at its very best.

    Other than this major purchase my largest expenses have been, in order, second-hand stuff/antiques from eBay to furnish my apartment; books (though now I've largely switched to e-books), and items of clothing. Oh, and I've done a fair amount of online ordering for restaurant food deliveries. :-)

    There are, in every age, new errors to be rectified, and new prejudices to be opposed. ~Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

    by slksfca on Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 07:48:37 AM PDT

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