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  •  There is a difference between personal beliefs (4+ / 0-)

    of sincerely religious people (like Jimmy Carter) and abusive Christian supremacists. Christians are highly organized in powerful groups usually called churches.  Churches are organized to exclude everyone who does not have the required beliefs.  Churches have a very long history of abusing people of other faiths.  Individuals may not be able to control the misconduct of churches, but anyone who supports a church that is engaging in abusive behavior shares the responsibility for the misconduct.

    Christians who defend "one nation under g*d" in the pledge and "In g*d we trust" on money are supporting the religious right.  Some of my atheist friends feel rejected by their own country; catering to the preferences of the christian supremacists really is cowardice and a rejection of non-Christian citizens.  There are even states which require a profession of faith to hold a job as a state employee.  People of other faiths are regularly made unwelcome in this country, too, with movements like the one abusing people who say "Happy Holidays".  I have been yelled at for writing BCE instead of BC.  There has been an echoing silence from the progressive churches on this entire issue.

    Individuals can be responsible gun owners without supporting the NRA.  A few people cannot outvote everyone else in the South.  People who do not choose to be members of any church cannot be blamed for the misconduct by any church.

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