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View Diary: Yes, even liberals can internalize the NRA's paranoid rhetoric (316 comments)

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    What you've expressed in this diary about self defense is what I was trying to communicate to you when I said gun control is a losing issue. I'm not saying most people wouldn't support a form of it. But when you bring up gun control and people automatically revert to the NRAs talking point about how everyone should be able to have them for self defense than we are not coming at it the right way. Something needs to be changed in the debate. My point was not that we should give up on the issue. I don't think I communicated what I was trying to say clearly. I just truly think that gun culture is extremely prevalent in this country and we have yet to find a way to combat the NRA properly. My uncle was a gun control lobbyist in DC for years and years and now works for Nancy Pelosi. So I totally understand how bad the NRA. I was simply dismayed that it's so prevalent in this country.

    I love president Obama!!!

    by freakofsociety on Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 09:44:44 AM PDT

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