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View Diary: Maybe The Best Response to Racism in the History of Sports (134 comments)

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    Hi, cbabob, some of us just want historical evidence for the existence of characters in what is supposed to be a holy script and a guide to living a good life.  I've read the Bible, and the story of Cain and Abel was one of the many instances when I had to put it down in disgust and take a break.  The god in this story preferred the blood sacrifice over the offering of agricultural produce.  That isn't a god I want to spend my life worshiping. That being said, if I'm to believe that this story happened, I would need historical records of the people in that story.  Otherwise, the whole shebang is just another book of mythology, which I believe it is.  

    I don't believe that Ymir the giant cow licked the first man out of a frozen lump of sea ice either.  So there, Odin!

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      Time to stop running our day-to-day lives based on mythology.

      We have far too many available resources to behave like a bunch of scared and befuddled savages.

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