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  •  By law, NAAQS standards (0+ / 0-)

    must protect public health including sensitive groups (i.e. asthmatics, elderly, very young, pregnant, etc.) from adverse health effects with a margin of safety.

    The most important non-profit organization leading the defense of Senator Muskie's National Ambient Air Quality Standards is the American Lung Association, especially as the lead plaintiff in NAAQS-related litigation and appeals.  

    On the matter of the health effects of air pollution and legally enforceable Clean Air Act NAAQS standards, the American Lung Association also works closely with the American Thoracic Society (ATS), which is the organization of pulmonary physicians and surgeons.  

    ATS is a major steward of the knowledge of the health effects of air pollution on human lungs and respiratory disease.   ATS publishes the journal, American Review of Respiratory Disease and Critical Care Medicine, which frequently has journal articles on environmental and occupational health matters impinging on the lungs as either target pathology organ or the conduit of air pollution to other non-lung human organs.

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