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View Diary: The industry foxes in the net neutrality hen house (91 comments)

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  •  While... (7+ / 0-)

    she doesn't mention the President by name, at least she is writing about this issue...unlike so many others around here.

    "[I]n the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone...They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand."

    by cardboardurinal on Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 11:20:30 AM PDT

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    •  Kos is all about anything that will get people (3+ / 0-)

      to offer up an e-mail for an E petition.

      Criticism of the man who actually made this policy decision might limit how many e-mail addresses he gets.

      Which is fine.  It's a business.

      But, you know, honesty.

      "If anybody is wondering about Tom’s qualifications, Tom is the only member of both the cable television and the wireless industry hall of fame. So he’s like the Jim Brown of telecom, or the Bo Jackson of telecom.” President Obama

      by JesseCW on Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 02:35:46 PM PDT

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