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    Having been away from the electronic world for the past month--no TV, no regular internet--I am now home for the day and thus I have posted:

    Irish History: The Rebellion of 1641

    By 1641 Ireland’s population could be divided into three diverse groups. First, there were the Native Irish whose Catholic roots extended back more than a millennium to the days of St. Patrick and the other Irish saints. Many of the Native Irish had been evicted from their lands to make room for settlers from England and Scotland. Second, there were the Old English, planters who had ancestral roots in England but whose descendents had assimilated into Irish culture. Like the Native Irish, the Old English tended to be Catholic. Finally, there were the New English, planters who had been recruited in England and Scotland. Most of the New English had been recruited for the Ulster Plantation after 1610. The New English were Protestant, primarily Church of England/Church of Ireland (Anglican) and Presbyterian.

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