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View Diary: Department of Homeland Security: Don't Use Internet Explorer Until MSFT Can Fix It (43 comments)

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    I was just reading about this alert earlier today and everyone needs to be aware, in my opinion, because we are seeing more problems with one OS or browser crossing over eventually to others, etc.

    I've long suspected that most computers that owners use much have been compromised from time to time without their knowledge, but regardless I feel more strongly that all users are going to have to become more proactive and individualized in their security.

    A new super utility that I've found helpful is PrivaZer, which is like Ccleaner x 10.  It's good for seeing all the numerous, redundant hidden information that's stored on Windows OS after basic caches are cleaned.  It also shows how much, an alarming amount really, of information leaks from webpages, as well as the amazing number of re-directs that can be programmed to provide hits to extraneous websites on the way to your desired destination.

    I think it's worth looking into as a potential free aid that's just recently emerging.  It's available at most tech sites for download and easily searched.

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    by blueoasis on Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 02:54:47 PM PDT

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