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View Diary: America's Most Loathsome Congressman Has A Democratic Opponent (27 comments)

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  •  Much appreciated diary! (13+ / 0-)

    There are rumored to be "Anybody but Huelskamp!" signs cropping up in western KS. I've never seen one myself, but that might make a fun viral campaign to support Mr Sherow's run.

    Huelskamp is a Tea Party nightmare - even GOP leadership stripped him of his positions, both in the KS Senate and Washington. He really needs the boot. I'm so pleased we have a Democrat running against him this time, as opposed to 2010. Here's what a colleague of his says about him:

    Jim's a true moderate, politically and temperamentally. If he runs, the Tea Party will of course try to paint him as a leftist, but he's essentially a Progressive in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt (whom he famously portrayed, pictured here, at the reopening of Manhattan's historic Union Pacific Depot). In other words, Jim believes that business is, most of the time, a wonderful force for making us richer and happier, but that it also needs various checks. He understands, like T.R., that conserving natural resources is one of the key engines of economic growth. Socially, he's quite old-fashioned in some ways, but he also has the libertarian streak of an Air Force radio operator turned 1970s bartender in Wyoming (don't think T.R. ever did that).
    Thanks for the great diary, BlueDuPage, and welcome to DailyKos. Look forward to reading more from you!

    I've republished this to Kansas & Missouri Kossacks and would like to also suggest you add the tag "Elections", as it is quite widely followed.

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