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View Diary: Breaking News... Massive shooting : FedX, Shooter and Ga. Surprised with those laws? (264 comments)

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  •  Gullible Daily Kos Readers (0+ / 0-)

    People, try not to be so eager to believe lies. I know you want to believe that guns are evil and that people that own them are likewise. But there are two facts that completely discredit this story.

    1. The new gun law does not go into effect until July 2014.

    2. The FedEx facility is a Gun Free Zone.

    Swing and a miss, but that won't stop people from believing what they want in their hearts to believe.

    •  Two facts, but what about the [gun nut]] climate? (0+ / 0-)

      I own a lot of guns, and they are just metal. Inanimate. Hardware. No intentions in them.

      If I were known to have evil intent I shouldn't be able to own guns. My coworkers should be able to lock me up if I threaten them. And take my guns. Not having to wait till I shoot, like Georgia's new laws require. Georgia allows a defense for felons, who can't own guns, to claim "stand your ground" even if they kill someone.

      I shouldn't be able to buy guns, from anybody, anywhere, except federally registered gun dealers, if I were mentally defective, or a felon, or with immediate and demonstrable criminal intent. I can now, in Georgia. Why buy from a legal dealer anyway, and pay sales tax?

      Why can't the rest of us be protected from those few shooters, though a growing angry group, apparently, who put the rest of us at risk?

      Perhaps you miss the nuance of the Georgia residents' concerns. We are trying to describe to others a new climate of "shoot first" because you can be armed anywhere in Georgia, as John Stewart showed so well last night.

      Here's another example of the GOP legislature's gun craze. Really they are not gun owners, but playing the ignorant law maker role. They don't hunt, but with lobbyists, at caged and fenced "preserves". They even wanted to make using caged animals as bait legal this year (see:

      As a GOP majority, who really don't hunt or  shoot, they want to create some false gunpowder litmus test for a new "guns culture war". May it blow up on them--it may be already. Blasting goin' on all around us.

      A few years back, the Georgia legislature, under our GOP leadership, circumvented the long standing hunter education requirement for hunting with firearms. Born after 1961, you have to take a hunter safety class to go 'gun toting' in the woods.

      Well, why not bypass all that firearm safety training and game laws, and let untrained folks buy three-day "apprentice hunter classes" to try it and see if you like it? Put everyone and everything else in the woods at risk with your gun, and do it on the cheap, with no prior commitment of thought, training, or proficiency. Sort of like a spontaneous shooting incident. Our DNR sells these "permits" or "licenses", now. To anybody. GO hunt, go figure. Lock, load, duck...

      Same deal with "shall issue" concealed carry permits, and our "carry anywhere" law. Hyped for years. Really--do you want me taking my AR SBR everywhere? If you really don't understand, that's a short barreled rifle, 5.56 mm--a semi-automatic machine gun, but it passes under law as a "pistol". Hundred round drum, legal. No restrictions on it's carry, concealed with permit, or open carry if not, and no lawful way for a law enforcement officer to challenge me, until I start spraying rounds? Is this what the "Gawd Granted 2nd" crowd is for? Law enforcement can't even ask if I have  permit, without being at risk of a reprimand, per the new law. Smart, real smart. Hope everyone and anyone that has one of these is a "good guy" and "shoots straight". What a fantasy.

      Just what lies are you referring to? These new Georgia/ALEC/NRA laws are crazy, as is the US gun obsession. Why don't you read the Kid Shootings blog for  few days, and tell us all this is morally defensible.

      No one is trying got take away our guns. We just want some sanity, not a shooting war among ignorant gun toters. Or their kids.

      I was born with a birth certificate saying Euclid Avenue (think MLK, Ebenezer Baptist Church, [black] Atlanta, a child of hillbilly economic refuges) and grew up among guns, in the Appalachians, fifth generation Scots-Irish (see: Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America). What I don't agree with, and will fight against, is all these JimBobs gun toting and shooting people for no reason but because they are stupid or ill. And they think their behavior is now sanctioned by law. Crazies, with guns.

      We have to restore some sanity to our guns laws; there shouldn't be some gunpowder litmus test for weak politicians and FOX-swayed stupid people. Do you want more four year olds shooting one year olds, just because gun locks and gun access restrictions are some infringement on your "right to bear arms"? How perverse…

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