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  •  Madam, actually. (0+ / 0-)

    And you seem to be arguing against an idea I haven't actually proposed.

    Martin doesn't approve of men subjugating and/or raping women, and he doesn't write his sympathetic characters as generally approving of it either.

    But he thinks it's human nature, like other forms of violence.  He has gone on record as saying that he felt it would be unrealistic not to have his fictional society be full of deplorable subjugation and rape.

    He writes excellent female characters -- deep, complex, varied, with their own motivations that aren't necessarily centered around the men in their lives -- but he felt it necessary, for reasons of "realism," to write those characters in a society that would denigrate them and their accomplishments and ambitions because of their gender.  In several such societies, actually -- the world of Game of Thrones has at least a dozen discrete cultures, of which every single one is misogynistic to one degree or another.

    I'm not criticizing Martin for approving of this, because he very clearly doesn't.  I'm criticizing him for not being willing to write a world where misogyny isn't the norm, and for assuming that it's inevitably going to be.

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