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  •  what is more scary (3+ / 0-)

    Is that some Christians are condemning her words, but in condemning them they are showing why should very afraid not only of Palin, but a whole section of the Christian radical fringe.

    For instance, an article in Slate quoted the former associate of Huckabee Joe Carter:

    Like us, our enemies need to accept Jesus and to be baptized by water and the Spirit. That is the Christian way, not as Palin would have it, to have our enemies fear a pagan god and have their spirit broken by water.
    Clearly, this is not coming from the Christian Terrorist section that Palin advocates, but still is plenty scary. He is basically saying that until I match my theology to his, I am an enemy.  Not as extreme as Palin, but not comforting.  I certainly don't see every Christian as untrustworthy simply because they are superstitious irrational emotional people who could break at any moment and try to kill a church of children like so many have done in past.  I believe that through discussion and compromise, we can live together, even if we don't agree on every point.

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