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  •  It's about jobs, Karen (3+ / 0-)
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    If you're from Hawai'i, you know that.

    I'm not necessarily saying that Hanabusa is right insofar as her public policy stance.  But we all know folks who work at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard or at Hickam, Kaneohe MCAS, or Schofield Barracks.  For many voters in Hawai'i (this is to the rest of you who live on the continent, a.k.a. "mainland"), the passing of the late Senator Dan Inouye means that there's nobody to look over military spending and what that means on the jobs side of the house.

    Again, I get that you can disagree with the stance.  But Hanabusa is merely trying to get elected.  And with an economy that's otherwise heavily tourist-based (with all those minimum wage waiter, busboy, maid, etc, jobs that it creates), a job in a shipyard as a skilled craftsman is something that the islands don't want to risk losing.

    That's all it is.

    Okay the rest of you'all.  Carry on.

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