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View Diary: Why do conservatives keep embracing the crazies? (148 comments)

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  •  Faith doesn't require evidence (8+ / 0-)

    Because they're operating purely from a faith based perspective, any evidence that supports their case is a bonus. Any and all evidence that is contrary to their assigned narrative is easily, conveniently and completely dismissed.

    Eight years of W's failures. What?
    The drunken clown rodeo of the 2012 election. What?
    Evidence of failure of Supply side economics. What?
    Evidence of failure of Austerity policies. What?
    Climate change evidence. What?
    Science. What?
    Etc. Squirrel!!


    Benghazi? Yaw!
    IRS scandal? Yaw!
    Fast-n-Furious? Yaw!
    Etc.? Yaw!!

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