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  •  The Conservative, Authoritarian Brain Is the (4+ / 0-)

    caveman brain -- it's hard-wired to be paranoid, irrationally fearful, and delusional for survival against threats that no longer exist in most of the world.  (SEE 2011 Brain Scan Studies)

    Conservatives use their emotional brains called amygdalas to process information while liberals use their logical, rational, reasoning brains called anterior cingulate cortexes to process information.  This is why liberals value TRUTH and Facts while conservatives have a disdain for TRUTH and Facts.  (SEE 2011 Brain Scan Studies)

    The dangerous stupidity, moral bankruptcy, and clinical insanity that was on public display by teabaggers after Obama's 2008 election to the presidency motivated the medical profession to do the 2011 brain scan studies to try and explain conservatives' mental defectiveness.

    (In defense of conservatives, they can't pick their parents or their parenting techniques, but they can change if they have mind-altering epiphanies.)

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