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View Diary: Why do conservatives keep embracing the crazies? (148 comments)

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  •  Why do they win (1+ / 0-)
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    Darth Stateworker

    You touched part of it:

    Because they cheat, as Bill Maher noted.
    The other part?

    Dems are too nice.  

    That's right, nice.  In general, most people who identify as progressive, liberal, dem, etc are at their core nice people.  They follow rules.  They treat others as they wish to be treated.  They are willing to listen to the other side and compromise so that everyone will come away a little happy. They like to "take the high road" and "keep their powder dry".

    Uh huh.  

    That doesn't work with crazies.  

    When that line of thinking is followed what happens is the Dems bend and bend and bend some more.  While the Gopers take and take and take some more...until we end up, well, where we are right now.

    I'm really not confident that the Dem party as a whole can overcome its inclination to be "nice".

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