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  •  Obama the drone master - popular culture NY Times (2+ / 0-)
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    “We were trying to find a bridge to the same sort of questions that Barack Obama has to address,” said Joe Russo, who with his brother, Anthony, directed “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” “If you’re saying with a drone strike, we can eradicate an enemy of the state, what if you say with 100 drone strikes, we can eradicate 100? With 1,000, we can eradicate 1,000? At what point do you stop?”
    The public relations machinery of the White House assiduously tries to control Mr. Obama’s image and legacy, but there is nothing it can do to stop artistic interpretation of his policies. After inheriting a post-Sept. 11 surveillance state and security apparatus from President George W. Bush, Mr. Obama pulled back in some areas and expanded others. Artists have focused particularly on the N.S.A. spying revelations disclosed by Edward J. Snowden and the president’s “kill list” of terrorists targeted by drones.

    “The drone wars are really one of Obama’s signature foreign policies,” said Trevor Paglen, a photographer whose fuzzy images of flying drones are exhibited in galleries around the world. “We are living in a moment that’s characterized by this mass surveillance. I think art can help us call attention to certain things. It can help contribute to the cultural vocabulary that we use.”

    The Rise of the Drone Master: Pop Culture Recasts Obama

    the article above is from the NY times and also posted today from the top literary publication in the country, the NY Review of Books and article on drones and the Senate vote that the "citizens" cannot know how many have been killed. The italics are in the original of this quote

    Obama has overseen the killing of several thousand people in drone strikes since taking office.
    How Many Have We Killed?

    There is a REC article today about a cop killing in my home town Long Beach CA. Another consequence of militarized police and increasing violence in our already violent society. What kind of image does a president who orders murder set for the rest of society?

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