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  •  How about this? "Relate" and "communicate" in (1+ / 0-)
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    Edge PA

    stats-speak is being able to do the equations instead of just memorizing the spreadsheet.  :)

    Thank you, Edge and Termite, for both making good points. We don't need people trained to be good worker-bees, which is the aim of NCLB and Common Core. These are business-minded solutions in search of a non-existent problem, created by overpaid consultants for overpaid CEOs and politicians. We really need to educate people who know how to think and can solve problems, including the problem of being good citizens and leaders. That takes creativity and hands-on teaching with small class sizes (all anathema to corporate efficiency droids and the GOP).

    People who know me wonder that a scientist is not pushing facts and memorization, but being a scientist is learning how to think, first and foremost. No wonder most scientists are liberals/progressives. It's more engineers who tend to become gLibertarians.

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