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    in the face of departmental edicts.  If the professor really makes clear to the students that he/she can't go to the department and request a change, it might be up to the students to go to the program director, chair, or even the academic dean (especially if the book was written by the chair!) to complain.  There is no excuse for a student to have to use a book with basic factual errors, much less when it costs $200.  Bad enough if the error is because the book is a few years old and doesn't address cutting-edge discoveries, but the mistake noted by the OP here would have been spotted by a 17th-Century medical student.  I know if a group of students brought this issue to my boss, who is an academic dean, he'd rip a new one in whoever was responsible for picking that book.

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    by northbronx on Thu May 01, 2014 at 03:26:07 AM PDT

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