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  •  Your statements are too broad and thus (0+ / 0-)

    guarantee you are wrong.

    For example

    "there's no evidence that NCLB works...."

    Not a big fan of anything Bushy did. But given the sheer scale of the program there is no way your statement is anything more than hyperbole.

    On anything that large there is a near 100% chance that there is at least some supporting evidence AND some contradicting evidence.

    "the trend is up across all the "trial urban districts" but there's no control to test it against - lots of things have changed over the last 15 years - "

    its virtually impossible to generate a 100% certain statistical study on this subject.

    However some places have done a rather ok job at it. NYC your own quoted example is one. Where apparently they have beaten the national average improvement by a meaningful margin.

    1) Yes poor kids do worse. No ones disagreeing with that
    "They do as well as their peers in europe - " No they do not. The one article pushing that, which was posted elsewhere was from someone who looks to be statistically illiterate.


    Every other profession uses it in some way shape or form. Some people like to push that teaching is "OMG SPEICAL OMG DIFFERANT,"  That idea is....stupid.

    3) Ya? So?

    4) I blame teachers everywhere. Per dollar spent and per economic dollar of the students, U.S. students are under performing .

    There are many reasons social, economic, systematic. The current sub-par quality within academic staff is one of the problems.  Some people treat the staff issue as a sacred cow. You cant do that if you actually want to solve a problem.

    5)Yes balance is needed. By international standards the U.S. education is WAY off balance. You do need history etc. But we spend WAY more time proportionally on that kind of education than our peers

    You want to know why China and India are displacing the U.S. as the sole world economic power? Look
    at the graph "STEM degrees as % of all degrees in 2011"

    The world does not need 87% non stem graduates like the U.S.  It needs at least 41% stem graduates like China.

    And people wonder why have the employment rate we do lol.

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