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    Although most fair lending groups have not yet reviewed the Fed's study fully, at least one consumer advocate lambasted the report. Calvin Bradford, formerly of the University of Minnesota's Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and now a fair-housing consultant, challenged the study's statistical sampling methodology, selection of data, and failure to probe more deeply into issues of marketing of credit products to minorities. Bradford said the Fed used an old database dating to 2003 provided by credit bureau TransUnion that underrepresented minorities such as African Americans and Latino homeowners with mortgages, while overrepresenting whites, based on their actual proportions in the general population.

    "I don't think anybody in the (statistical) modeling business would accept such small samples," said Bradford.

    Bradford also rejected any conclusion that types of credit products marketed to minorities have no impact on payment performance. "If blacks are paying more for access to the mortgage market than they really need to," he said, "then that is going to increase their household debt burdens" and contribute to higher delinquency rates.

    Tell Warner Brothers Pictures that Rooney Mara is #NotYourTigerLily.

    by ExpatGirl on Sun May 04, 2014 at 08:29:50 AM PDT

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