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View Diary: Economic growth as measured by gross domestic product plunged steeply in first quarter of 2014 (86 comments)

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  •  Obamacare saved the day for Q1 GDP!! (12+ / 0-)
    •  Wow. Healthcare (6+ / 0-)

      has been driving the US economy for more than a decade now.  We need something else very very badly.

      From Neocon to sane- thanks to Obama- and Kos.

      by satrap on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 09:09:34 AM PDT

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      •  And the millions who signed in March/April (7+ / 0-)

        will start using their insurance on May 1.

        Expect healthcare spending to be a huge, huge component of 2014 GDP.

        Millions have been putting off surgeries and other care for years due to lack of insurance. The pent up demand will be the driver of GDP for 2014 and even 2015 and 2016 as more people get insured.

        •  Hey, maybe we can mandate market participation (4+ / 0-)

          in other vital areas as well.

          We could have mandated purchasing of agribusiness products. We could have mandated purchasing of bottled or filtered water.

          Just think of all the GDP we could raise if we mandated market participation in vital areas of human need. It would be a real bonanza.

          /snark - at least I hope it is. Your argument scares the shit out of me, and it's a slippery slope argument that I made back in 2011 when I first heard of the plan to push the ACA without a public option.

          Not at all a fan of mandated market participation for the health of industry or the health of key national markets.

          Democracy - 1 person 1 vote. Free Markets - More dollars more power.

          by k9disc on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 09:26:36 AM PDT

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        •  I would have thought the same thing... (2+ / 0-)
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          Shaylors Provence, RFK Lives

          I really thought that the ACA would be a big help with the economy and would help to bail out some of the hospitals that were providing primary care via emergency room. Then I actually saw what many of the most popular policies provided. For far too many of them, the deductibles are simply huge. I don't think they will help the situation for any major health problems or emergency room reimbursements much at all. People will get their 0 deductible wellness care and a few other things, but any real medical help has these huge deductibles. I really was a bit clueless at first in my support for the ACA, but I really don't see how it is going to help things to the extent I first had hoped.

          Hey...I've got insurance!!!!!!...but I can't use it till I go bankrupt!!! This really did catch me by surprise.

      •  Health care is very bad as GDP (7+ / 0-)

        If you break your arm and a doctor fixes it, that's GDP.

        If you never break your arm, that's not GDP.

        This trivial fact shows that increased health care costs as % of GDP is generally bad, all things being equal.

        Granted, some increased health costs could be represented by people being covered who would not otherwise have been, or advanced cures that would otherwise not have been available.

        But generally, more health care as a percent of GDP is bad. You'd rather spend your GDP making goods and services of real net positive value, not fixing broken stuff.

        (-5.50,-6.67): Left Libertarian
        Leadership doesn't mean taking a straw poll and then just throwing up your hands. -Jyrinx

        by Sparhawk on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 09:28:45 AM PDT

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        •  depends... (6+ / 0-)
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          Aquarius40, satrap, Spit, Inland, nchristine, jbsoul

          You're leaving out the third possibility: You break your arm and nobody fixes it.

          At this moment I need to call my friend back to see how his appointment with the orthopedist went yesterday. 6 weeks ago his right (dominant) hand was crushed by falling concrete blocks; not at work, so not covered by workers' comp. We live in GA and he's a childless adult, so no Medicaid. Income was already too low to get an Obamacare subsidy (under 100% of poverty, no subsidy, exempt from mandate). ER put him in a splint and told him to see an orthopedist, who wanted $200, which he did not have.

          As of now he has essentially zero use of dominant right hand, which means he has not been able to work in 6 weeks. Not able to work, so no unemployment benefits. Physical therapy may restore some use. If not for my church, he'd be homeless and getting no medical treatment.

          That's life in red-state USA.

          "The true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals." - Barack Obama

          by HeyMikey on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 10:09:53 AM PDT

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    •  Wow (2+ / 0-)
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      HeyMikey, Spit

      Talk about a Rorschach test made of data.

    •  I live in a county (0+ / 0-)

      that provides much of the healthcare resources for several surrounding counties, doctors, specialists, diagnostic services such as MRI's, and the largest hospital.  Our county was one of three with unemployment below the national average last year, because of that medical community.  

      Things would be even better if the Governor had not decided to put politics ahead of saving people's lives and expanded medicaid.

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