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  •  Another aspect - failure of leadership theory (0+ / 0-)

    almost all leadership theories can be covered in a short course

    they consist of some variables to control

    the kind of leadership needed must involve the environment, ethics, organizations and technology

    i have information on a leadership theory developed by a professor from Univ of Kansas that I would be glad to share

    it includes a paper that compares his theory with the 10 other major theories and in a matrix shows how they compare

    •  Another Aspect (0+ / 0-)

      Hello Don -
      Thanks for your comment and thoughts.  I appreciate your taking the time to comment.  I am writing my next section as to another phase of causal factors hopefully you will enjoy it.

      As to the your kind offer, I would very much enjoy reviewing the matrix and analysis.  I am total alignment with your thoughts as to the temporal nature of leadership and scope of involvement.  If you want to send the matrix to my personal email - it is

      Thanks again for both your comments and offer.


      Cheers Jeffrey A. McLean

      by Jeffrey A McLean on Thu May 01, 2014 at 12:14:27 PM PDT

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