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    Basically these premiums are being brought down by huge subsidies, which for some reason you didn't get. My mother, who doesn't have the greatest health, bought a plan that was $920 but, post-subsidy, fell dramatically to $170, so a tax credit of $750/month, which is pretty massive.

    Now, from what I know, the only reason to be un-eligible for the subsidies is you make over 4 times the poverty level in your state, which for a single person is around $45,000 and 94,00 for a family of four. I have heard of stories of the people who make right above this cutoff getting the shittiest deal, cause they aren't wealthy but don't get the subsidy.

    Ideally, the cutoff would've been around $60,000 for an individual and $120,00 for a family of 4. But the Ds were obsessed with CBO scoring.

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