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View Diary: After Oklahoma chemically tortures death row inmate into heart attack, governor orders investigation (220 comments)

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  •  Cruel and stupid (3+ / 0-)

    doesn't begin to cover it.  

    Even if one doesn't have a moral abhorrence to capital punishment, its capricious, racist use in this country is more than enough reason to outlaw the practice.

    If we must practice capital punishment, we must do it right.  Millions of animals are euthanized  every year, in a humane, painless, and dignified manner.  There is no secret, no 'magical' technique.  All the research that needs doing has been done, for decades.

    A.  Administer enough nonselective central nervous system depressant medicine (like phenobarbital) that the animal in question loses consciousness.  Then:

    B.  Administer enough CNS skeletal muscle relaxant medicine (like Succinylcholine Chloride or propofol, there's a bunch of 'em...) to stop respiration.  Then:

    C.  Wait.  

    The animal in question expires without awareness or pain.

    •  They are not allowed to use those drugs (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      because the manufacturers have banned their use to kill people, and are willing to enforce the ban by cutting off any distributor who sells to the prisons.

      So they are stuck using ones that don't work as reliably, or haven't been tested, or come from unlicensed formularies. Oklahoma used a cocktail that Florida has used, but cut the amount of the initial sedative substantially.

      If it were as simple as you outline, these problems would not keep happening.

      •  Only wish that were the case (0+ / 0-)

        While the European pharma community has rallied to prevent the use of drugs they manufacture in executions, it would take only a mere legislative fiat to execute prisoners exactly as I describe.

        The US is home to dozens, if not hundreds of compounding pharmacies, and the drugs used are well out of patent protection.

        Institutional indifference and a puritanical legislature that cares only about press reviews after the fact are the only genuine barriers to humane execution in the US.

        I am completely against capital punishment, for many reasons, some of them coincident to the reasons the state is doing such a lousy job of it.

        If a capital punishment state were to handle their execution drug situation the same way they handle capital purchasing, the problems would be over.

        Send out a 'request for proposal' to all compounding pharmacies in compliance with the  November '13 Drug Quality and Security Act.  

        Accept one.  Turn the death mill back on

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