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View Diary: After Oklahoma chemically tortures death row inmate into heart attack, governor orders investigation (220 comments)

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  •  I think you are distorting the facts (0+ / 0-)
    In this case, there seems to be no question that the state is seeking to execute criminals as humanely as possible.  
    There is every question about whether the state is seeking a humane execution rather than just the fastest one available. If you had been following this case or the one in Ohio, attorneys in both states attempted to stop the executions because the drugs being used were from unknown and potentially underregulated compounding pharmacies and because the effects if the drug combinations and quantities on the human body were not well known. Medical experts testified that a prolonged and agonizing death might result. These are the reasons the Oklahoma courts initially stayed the execution before the OK governor and other politicians pushed ahead, despite the medical evidence. So no, the state was most assuredly NOT trying to execute in the most humane possible.
    I don't think there is any question that Oklahoma is using drugs from the safest sources available to it.  The problem, of course, is that anti-death penalty activists have done their best to try to cut off the supply of such drugs to the state.  So, the state is trying to use the safest method available.

    As for the claim that the state is trying to use the "fastest method available", well, that's just funny given that Lockett had been on death row since 2000.

    So, unless someone can show some kind of gross negligence in the state's execution procedures I don't see a problem here.
    Ignoring a real and substantial risk of the exact kind of prolonged and agonizing death which took place is negligence.
    All the evidence to date is that what happened was an unavoidable risk of the lethal injection process, not an issue with the drugs.  As such, it applies to all lethal injection executions.
    But given that you uprated a comment that the rest of the community thought so bad it should be hidden, which said " I think that the creep didn't suffer enough...", I don't think there is any possibility you would see a problem no matter how much evidence there was that Lockett was tortured and OK knew it would happen.
    I uprated that comment so it would not be hidden - it violated none of the standards that apply.  Those who voted to hide it did so only because they disagreed with it.

    The state of Oklahoma owed Lockett as humane an execution as possible.  It did not owe him a pain free execution.  

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