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View Diary: Schumer commits to vote on constitutional amendment on campaign finance (75 comments)

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  •  The problem with a Congress ever (3+ / 0-)
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    approving a Constitutional Amendment on campaign finance reform is that there is not going to be enough time. Long before something like that is likely to happen, the Sun will burn out.

    •  Campaign finance reform is one thing (0+ / 0-)

      the bigger thing is reforming how candidates and organization use media.

      So write an amendment that limits the time they can advertise in public media.

      You want to send a gazillion pieces of mail? Go to it. You want to organize rallies, have people knock on doors, show up at every event? Have fun.

      You want to blanket the airwaves, the newspapers, with full page ads? Only in the last 6 weeks. And the only people who can buy ads are the candidates and the parties that nominate them. Nobody else.

      Then you KNOW that if it's an ad about so and so, so and so paid for it.

      NOBODY else can buy anything political on public media, or any media that reaches more than 1/3 of an area (which means cable in most places). Ever.

      Their speech isn't stifled. There's nothing stopping them from printing up leaflets and dropping them, or mailing them, or having people put them on cars or hand them out on the street. They can put them on their products, or have them on their websites. They can spend as much as their little hearts desire (not that corporations have hearts) on those things.

      But NOT on mass media.

      If ads for legal products can be banned from the broadcast media (tobacco), then restrictions can certainly be put on political ads.

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