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View Diary: ALERT: Californians! Intercepted email reveals frackers plan to stack Gasland 2 screenng (85 comments)

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  •  If you are talking about the flaming faucets you (0+ / 0-)

    viewed in Gasland, then you should be aware that what you were shown in that movie was not caused by hydraulic fracturing, nor operations of the oil and gas industry.

    The two specific cases Josh Fox depicted in both flaming faucet scenes in Gasland were conclusively demonstrated to be NOT caused by either hydraulic fracturing, nor oil and gas industry operations.

    As a result, what Josh Fox did in the movie was to manufacture evidence and causation at the scene.  That may be good drama for a movie maker and an accepted technique among corrupt police abusers during traffic stops.  

    But when it comes to documentary journalism and law / science / engineering what Josh Fox did with the flaming faucets scene is scientific misconduct and erroneous attribution of the causation of the problem.    And doing so in the manner he did is part of the organized lying campaign.

    First, Josh Fox claims the flaming faucets were caused by

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