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View Diary: William Rhoden of NY Times writes on Donald Sterling (4 comments)

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  •  I note that Sterling's attitude and actions (3+ / 0-)
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    which were basically about his rental policies toward minorities are not that uncommon.  To have a landlord complain loudly about minorities in his units but still turn up to collect the rent every month does not surprise me.

    Two anecdotes.  Local town here is divided into Up-Town, where the posh live, downtown where the businesses are, and "the Quarters" which are mostly rental units (single wide and converted sharecropper shacks) owned by the posh and rented to minorities.  The then mayor sold off a tract of timber some years back.  Once it was cut, the posh citizens all complained to him about how people could now see "The Quarters" from the road.  What would the tourists think?  Solution?  Not fix up the houses and trailers but to plant some quick growing plants to create a living fence.

    Other story was local store owner was also magistrate.  He sold appliances and furniture to sharecroppers on time.  the trick was, each time a new item was purchased, it was not given its own note but was added to the existing note so the original note is never paid off.
    Then, when a payment is missed on a single item, instead of that item being repossessed, he would write out a warrant and empty the house of furniture and appliances, which he would immediately then offer for sale again.

    Things are not so overt so that blatant redlining, for example, is not permitted but the old attitudes are there just under the surface.  My question is if Sterling has any children and if so, what is their view of their father?    

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